Trinity Consulting Group is a concept that our President and CEO Jeffrey Ingros has been working on for some time. The concept is very simple – leverage his 25 years of experience in creating and growing a multi-million dollar business with the experience gained in building the premier Class A commercial building in the area to assist others in the area of individual, corporate, non-profit, and real estate consulting.

Banks, insurance companies, and brokerage firms all use the same process in an attempt to gain control of your assets. Our experience enables us to help our clients better evaluate these relationships and minimize ongoing annual service expenses. Trinity Consulting Group is available to assist in the evaluation and assessment of:


  • Cell Phone
  • Internet
  • Telephone


  • Auto, home, life, liability, disability, and long-term care


  • Mortgages, credit cards, investment management, banking, accounting


  • Beneficiary designations, wills, legal documents


  • Natural gas, electric

These areas are where many households over spend thousands of dollars annually by not properly monitoring and evaluating these services. Trinity can help!

The primary objective of Trinity Consulting is to help clients accomplish their specific goals, in the least costly manner. This is done through the creation of a detailed financial plan which is the foundation of the process. Our fees will be based upon the clients’ planning requirements, frequency of review, or savings achieved. As such, we will never be compensated with fees for managing assets or commissions for selling products, thus eliminating any conflict of interest inherent in how we get paid and what we recommend.

In short, where you implement the plan, is completely your decision. We simply create, monitor, evaluate the plan and make sure where you choose to conduct your business is being performed for a fair and equitable cost.